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2013 August 3

Unified policies, FAQ, and feature list

Turkopticon's policies (for example, civility guidelines, when to flag a review, how to write a review), answers to frequently asked questions, and feature request discussions are spread out over several pages and sites. There are some duplications and inconsistencies. Yet policy and feature questions overlap. I am going to try to put all of this information on a single FAQ page.

The page is here.

2013 August 2

Second update for Firefox 23

It looks like the server hosting our free shared SSL certificate, which our first update for Firefox 23 used, could not keep up with the load. It was coughing up "503 Too many requests" errors. So we bought a dedicated IP address and a proper SSL certificate. This version of the script uses it. The add-ons will be updated soon.

Install link: turkopticon-2013.08.02.user.js

2013 July 26

Update for Firefox 23

Firefox 23, to be released in August, blocks mixed content in add-ons (and Greasemonkey user scripts). This means add-ons and user scripts cannot insert content from non-https servers into pages served by https servers. As Mechanical Turk uses https, this means we must also serve Turkopticon requester review data over https. This version of the user script does this. Many thanks to Turkopticon user mlargh, who warned us this would happen and told us what to do to fix it. The add-ons have been updated on the Firefox Add-on Directory and Chrome Web Store. You can also use the user script below.

Install link: turkopticon-2013.07.26.user.js

2013 July 13

Terms of Service violation flag count in drop-down

Turkopticon drop-down with TOS violation flag count

This version of the script includes a count of the number of reviews indicating the requester's HIT violates the Mechanical Turk Terms of Service.

Install link: turkopticon-2013.07.13.user.js

2013 May 3

Firefox 3 compatible user script

This version of the user script is compatible with Firefox 3. It is not recommended for users of more recent versions. To use, install and enable Greasemonkey, click the link below, then click "Install".

Install link: turkopticon-ff3-2013.05.03.user.js

2012 August 16

New Firefox and Chrome extensions

Turkopticon drop-down

This version of Turkopticon fixes some breakages in recent versions of Firefox and Chrome. It should also be much faster than the old version.

Install for Chrome from the Chrome web store
Install for Firefox from the Mozilla add-ons directory



Recent versions of our user script and bookmarklet use our very simple read-only PHP API.

In the future the API may support writing. For now, you may call


where ABCD1234X is a Mechanical Turk requester ID. If we have no data on the requester, the API will return an empty response.

If you want to get data on multiple requester IDs, please call


e.g., please call multi-attrs.php with a parameter 'ids' whose value is a string consisting of several requester IDs separated by commas.

If you plan to use the PHP API programmatically, please let us know so that we can (a) avoid changing it in ways that break your application and (b) manage the load. If you use the API programmatically without telling us, please be prepared for it to break without warning.


For occasionally useful reference notes, see the reference page.


For old posts, see the old posts page.


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please email them to turkopticon@differenceengines.com.


Like Turkopticon, turkopticon-devel is maintained by Lilly Irani and Six Silberman.